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Terms & Conditions




1. Definitions


1.1. In these Terms & Conditions ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ refers to Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd (Company No. 03544375) Registered in England at Marland House, 13 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2LW.

1.2. ‘You’, ‘Your’ or ‘You’re’ refers to any person or company who offers a contract with Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd under the ‘Your Order’ (Ref. 6) section of the Terms & Conditions.

1.3. The singular shall be deemed to include the plural.


2. Pricing

2.1. All prices quoted in-store and online are in Pounds Sterling (£) and are inclusive of VAT at the current rate charged in the UK, where appropriate. We make every effort to keep prices correct and accurate, but we reserve the right to change prices at any time without notice.

2.2. Prices in-store and online may differ.

2.3. Prices found on our products details page will be correct and accurate unless the price falls under one of the conditions in ‘Special Offers & Promotions’ (Ref. 3), ‘Discounts’ (Ref. 4) or ‘Voucher Codes’ (Ref. 5).


3. Special Offers & Promotions

3.1. These products will be available in limited quantities, sizes and colours. When stock of a special offer runs out, we will no longer be able to sell that item at the special offer price. Should you need to return or exchange a special offer item which is no longer in stock, please refer to our Returns Policy under the ‘Returns’ (Ref. 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21) sections of the Terms & Conditions.


4. Discounts

4.1. “Choice Card” discounts are not valid for use on orders placed and paid for online.


5. Voucher Codes

5.1. Voucher Code reductions of either a value (£) or percentage discount (%), are taken from the ‘Subtotal’ in the Shopping Basket. Valid dates will be included where the voucher code is displayed. Voucher codes apply to purchases from Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd only.

5.2. If this is a product or department specific offer, some of the item in your basket may not be applicable for this offer.

5.3. Vouchers are not applicable to a product which falls under a Special Offer or Promotion (Ref. 3).

5.4. Free Delivery Voucher Codes apply to Standard Delivery charges unless otherwise stated. If you wish to receive the items quicker, you will have to pay extra for this service.

5.5. Any promotions stating ‘Web Voucher Code’ is available online only and cannot be used in store.


6. Your Order

6.1. We endeavour to ensure that the website reflects the stock levels of the company but some products can sell out very quickly. Therefore placing an order with us does not guarantee availability. We will of course make every effort to fulfil your order and if this is not possible we will contact and discuss it with you. Alternatively, to avoid disappointment, you can contact us on 01477 536206 to check availability.

6.2. By placing an order you are making an offer and a contract will be formed only when your order is accepted by Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd. Your order will be accepted at the point payment is taken from your card, your items have been picked and your order is ready for dispatch.


7. Payment

7.1. All prices quoted in-store and online are in Pounds Sterling (£) and are inclusive of VAT at the current rate charges in the UK where appropriate.

7.2. We accept payment by all major credit cards, excluding American Express. Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd will not add any additional fees to your order if you pay via any of the card types supported by the site.

7.3. Credit/Debit cards are charged immediately upon confirming your order.

7.4. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of payment details if we think they are being used fraudulently.

7.5. All sensitive consumer data collected on this site is used only for the purpose of completing the transaction. Transaction information is transmitted via Worldpay.


8. Your Details

8.1. We keep all personal and confidential information secure; it is not shared with or sold to any third parties. The information we ask for is only to verify credit card status and for the processing and dispatch of your order.

8.2. Information on how we may use your information can be found under the Privacy Policy.


9. Images

9.1. We make every effort to ensure that the product images we use are correct and accurate.

9.2. Occasionally it is not possible to show an image with the correct colour. In this situation, please refer to the item description to verify the colour before ordering.


10. Product Information

10.1. We make every effort to ensure that the product information we use is accurate and up to date.

10.2. For your own safety, we advise that you read all product information and instructions that come with the products before use. All product descriptions are used with the permission of the originator and remain the copyright of the originator.


11. Product Reviews

11.1. The views expressed in product reviews are in no way representative of the views of Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd.

11.2. Reviews should:

• Be written in English

• Convey sufficient detail about your experience with the product

• Be assigned a ‘star rating’ from 1 to 5. The higher the star rating (i.e. number of stars) the higher the reviewer regards the product.


11.3. We cannot post:

• Those which are deemed insufficient reviews, or review longer than 1000 words.

• Reviews that reference other companies

• Negative, spiteful or profane remarks directed at other reviewers, companies or Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd

• Content not specific to the item being reviewed

• Duplicate content

• Reviews that are not your own original work or have been previously published elsewhere

• Content which might be considered defamatory, blasphemous, racist or incendiary

• Sexually explicit or sexually gratuitous comments

• Review submitted by, or on behalf of, companies or websites

• Advertisement or promotional material

• Phone numbers, postal addresses, email addresses or URL’s


11.4. Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd reserves the right to remove or refuse to post any customer review it considers to be in breach of any of the terms.

11.5. Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd retains the right to delete reviews at any time, without reason and without notice.

11.6. Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd endeavour to publish reviews within a 72 hour time period, however during busy periods, moderation may take a little longer.

11.7. Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd may publish any comments at their sole discretion and shall be entitled to change, delete or use this content in other areas of the business.

11.8. You are welcome to write multiple reviews, but submission guidelines must be followed for each review.





12. Complaints

12.1. We take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously. If you feel you have received a substandard level of information or services from us, we would like to hear about it. We will make every effort to rectify genuine problems.

12.2. Complaints should be written and sent either by:

• Email:

• Letter: Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd, Brereton Green, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 1SD


13. EU Batteries Directive

13.1. As a retailer that supplies portable batteries to consumers and/or businesses, Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd is obliged to comply with the distributor requirements of the EU Batteries Directive. ‘Supply’ includes selling, providing and/or making available portable batteries to end users.

13.2. Battery users have no obligations under the Batteries Regulations. However, you should dispose of your waste batteries in an environmentally sound way. For example, the disposal of whole, untreated industrial and automotive batteries in landfill or by incineration is banned.

13.3. Battery Regulations apply to both single-use batteries (also known as primary batteries) and rechargeable batteries (known as secondary batteries or accumulators). A battery is defined as any source of electrical energy generated by direct conversion of chemical energy consisting of one or more battery cells.

13.4. Batteries can be divided into three categories:

• Portable

• Industrial

• Automotive


13.5. Portable batteries are batteries or battery packs that are:

• Sealed

• Hand carried without difficulty

• Neither industrial or automotive battery


13.6. Examples of portable batteries include:

• AA or AAA batteries that might be used to power the remote control for a television

• Batteries used in mobile phones, portable MP3 players or laptops

• Button Cells found on a PC motherboard or in a wristwatch


13.7. Automotive batteries are used in vehicles such as cars, vans, lorries, buses and other types of road transport for starting the engine and lighting.



14. UK Delivery

14.1. FREE UK delivery on all orders over £100.

14.2. Delivery Tariff Table:


Delivery   Cost (£)


Typical   Delivery Time

0   to 1kg


Royal   Mail

1-2   working days

1.01kg   to 1.5kg


Royal   Mail

1-2   working days

1.501kg   to 2kg


Royal   Mail

1-2   working days

2.01kg   to 5kg


Royal   Mail

1-2   working days

5.01kg   to 10kg


Royal   Mail

1-2   working days

10kg   +

Collection   Only





15. International Delivery

15.1. We currently do not offer delivery of our products outside of the UK.


16. Recycled Packaging

16.1. At Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd we care for the environment and as such see it as our responsibility to look after it. This means that where possible we recycle as much packaging as we can when preparing your order for delivery. This will not however, compromise the protection of your items.



17. Cancelling Your Order – Before the goods are sent out to you

17.1. The contract between us only becomes binding the point at which we dispatch your order. Therefore you are free to cancel your order for any reason, at any time before we dispatch the goods to you.

17.2. If you wish to cancel your order before the goods have been dispatched, please call us on 01477 536206


18. Cancelling Your Order – After the goods have been sent out to you

Please note all goods must be in a new and unused condition together with all packaging, labels and tags together with a copy of your original receipt.

18.1. Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you the consumer have a cooling off period during which you have the unconditional right to cancel the contract. The cooling off period ends seven working days (not including weekends or bank holidays) after the day on which you receive the goods.

18.2. You must provide us with written intent to cancel or we will not accept your return. You may contact us by:

        • Email:

        • Letter: Leisure Sales (Cheshire) Ltd, Brereton Green, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 1SD

18.3. The right to cancellation does not apply to the following goods:

  • Goods      or services where the price depends on fluctuations in the financial      markets that cannot be controlled by the supplier.
  • The supply      of goods made to the customer’s own specification, such as custom-made      blinds or curtains. But this exception does not apply to upgrade options,      such as choosing alloy wheels when buying a car or opting for add-on      memory or choosing a combination of standard off-the-shelf components when      ordering a PC.
  • Goods      that, by reason of their nature, cannot be returned, for example, where      returning the goods is a physical impossibility or goods that cannot be      restored to the same physical state they were supplied in, such as nylon      tights that become distorted once worn.
  • Perishable      goods like fresh foods or fresh cut flowers.
  • Audio      or video recordings or computer software that the customer has unsealed
  • Newspapers,      periodicals or magazines.

18.4. You are under a statutory duty throughout the period of cancellation to retain possession of the goods and take reasonable care of them. Your right to cancellation is not connected with your duty to exercise reasonable care of the goods; however, action might be taken against customers for any breach of this statutory duty.


19. Returning Cancelled Goods

19.1. Once you have notified us of your wish to cancel, we require you to return the goods to us at your own expense as soon as possible by:

  • Filling      out and enclosing our Internet Returns Form
  • By post      or courier to the following address: Internet Returns, Leisure Sales      (Cheshire) Ltd,
         Brereton Green, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 1SD

19.2. When returning goods in accordance with the contract, you the consumer must take reasonable care to ensure that we receive the goods and that the goods are not damaged in transit.

19.3. Goods are returned at your own expense and risk. We recommend using a recorded delivery service or equivalent as we cannot accept responsibility of goods lost in transit. If you can prove the return of goods in an appropriate way, you will not have to bear the costs of any loss or damage in transit. If your item is excessively large or heavy, we can arrange for a courier to collect it at a price which we will agree with you in advance.

19.4. Whilst in your possession, we ask that you inspect goods indoors taking care not damage or soil them. We also ask that you return items in their original conditions; this includes all tags, instructions and any packaging.


20. Refunding the cost of goods to you

20.1. Once you have notified us of your wish to cancel, we will refund to you any money paid in relation to the contract as soon as possible and in any event, within a maximum period of 30 days. We will refund to you, any money paid in relation to the contract by, or on behalf, or the customer, to the person who made the payment. This includes:

  • Full      price of the goods
  • Deposit      or prepayment made
  • Cost of      delivery

20.2. We are unable to refund the cost of return for cancelled goods.

20.3. If you fail to return the goods, or goods are returned at our expense, we reserve the right to charge you the direct cost to you of the return. We cannot deduct this amount from your refund.

20.4. Our preferred method of repayment is to credit the refund back to the original card with which you made the payment. If this is not possible, please let us know how you require a refund to be made at the time that you notify us of your intent to cancel.

21. Return of goods under the Sale of Goods Act 1979

21.1. You are within your rights to return goods under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 which are:

  • Faulty
  • Not of      satisfactory quality
  • Not fit      for purpose
  • Do not      correspond to their description

21.2. If you wish to return goods which you believe are damaged or faulty, please telephone 01477 536206. We will discuss with you the problem and advise the best method of returning the item.

21.3. Goods are returned at your own expense and risk. We recommend using a recorded delivery service or equivalent as we cannot accept responsibility for goods lost in transit. If you can prove the return of goods in an appropriate way, you will not have to bear the costs of any loss or damage in transit.

21.4. If your goods are excessively large or heavy, we can arrange for a courier to collect it at a price which we will agree with you in advance.

21.5. Please fill out and enclose our Internet Returns Form when returning any goods.

21.6. Upon receipt of the goods we will examine them for damage:

  • If the      fault is obvious and inherent, we will process the refund, repair or      exchange within 7 days of receipt of the goods
  • If the      fault is not obvious, we may need to return the goods to the supplier for      testing. We typically expect a response from the supplier within 28 days.      The following products usually need to be examined by the supplier;      Electrical Appliances, Gas Appliances, Tents, Awnings, Porches.

21.7. In the event that the goods are found to be damaged or faulty, we will either:

  • Refund      to you the price you paid for the goods, plus the original delivery cost,      plus the cost to you returning the goods to us, or, after consulting with      you
  • Send to      you a replacement and refund to you the cost or returning the product, or
  • Have      the product repaired, return it to you and refund you for the cost of      returning the product.

21.8. In the event that the fault or damage is not due to fault manufacture, but to misuse or damage sustained after purchase, or subject to normal wear and tear, we will contact you to find out whether you wish the goods to be returned to you or repaired, if a repair is feasible. In these circumstances the cost of repair, returning the goods to us and returning the goods to you would be at your expense.